Kokotime premium will unlock the apps full potential so you can experience the best media streaming on your device.

Why get Kokotime premium ?



No more ads when using the built in player, and for ad placements to come ! A unique and clean experience without any interruptions.


Cast any content from the app to your chromecast without any video ads using our integrated uniquely designed chromecast remote, with bottom drawer for easy access to your playlist.


Universal Cast

A unique feature only found on Kokotime which lets you cast any content from Kokotime to a browser on any device (e.g : tv, pc, xbox, playstation, etc...) without any ads on the remote or video player , you can then use the cast remote to control playback on the device.


Export Content

Export content to any other app on your device, this way you can play content using your preferred app.

Sounds interesting ?

Does all this sound interesting, purchase a premium subscription now and enjoy a full year service for a small affordable price.